Digital Brain Chatter

Whitestone Gallery, Guelph, 2008


In 2007-08 I had to do most of my art work quietly, late at night,so listened with headphones to audio books on memory, space and matter, cells and biological processes, and old comedy albums. In these pieces. I tried to document in layers, symbols, colour and pattern the inner visual monologue of brain chatter that ran through my brain.
During this time there were three things happened that changed my  art making. The first was seeing Brazilian artist Beatrice Milhazes** art work in a book, the second was buying a Wacom tablet, and, thirdly, downloading an inexpensive  piece of software called ArtRagethat turns your computer monitor into a well stocked art table with brushes, paint, rollers, and markers.  All of these works are drawn on a Wacom tablet.

 ** A few years after this exhibit I went back to look at Beatriz Milhazes work and there was much more available online than when I did this project in 2007/08. When I saw this page, I laughed, because I was so clearly taken with her vivid work that it completely overwhelmed  my own ideas.  I was startled to see the extent to which I had adopted her imagery, but  I had so much fun making these digital drawings.