Chrysalis was a prototype mobile, wearable, structure that was designed in a collaborative process during a Musagetes sponsored workshop in Guelph, Ontario with Mary Mattingly. This is a blog I kept about the collaborative process, including photographs. 
Twelve people variously interested in mobile architecture, design, collaborative work, art, environmental design all met for the first time in early 2011 to start a 5 day Workshop with New York based artist Mary Mattingly, who was in town for 2 weeks as part of a residency. After Day ,1 five people returned and, meaningful or not, all were women, most knew how to sew, and by occupations were artists, architect, writer, landscape architect, and  seamstress.
People were willing to put time in on this project for different reasons. Mine were that I enjoy collaborative work with interesting people, and this project met my criteria of having to be low cost, low barrier (except for time),  conceptual, and could be documented online and result in an object or idea that could be transferable to other projects.